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Too Much Debt?

Contact Broc E. Whitehead a
Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy helps get you back to a workable monthly budget, so you don’t have to struggle to pay bills each month. I work hard with each client to wipe out the most debt possible under the federal bankruptcy laws.


  • Struggling to pay your bills.
  • Forclosure Lawsuits.
  • Payroll Garnishments.
  • Vehicle Repossessions.
  • Collection Calls

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Filing a bankruptcy stops all collection activities, including home foreclosures, wage garnishments, and harassing phone calls.

In a bankruptcy case, clients are allowed to keep important assets like their home, vehicles and household goods. The bankruptcy case gets rid of all medical bills, credit card debts, and bad loans, which means creditors may not try to collect these debts from you. The goal for each and every bankruptcy client is to return them to a workable monthly budget.

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*This is a debt relief agency filing for bankruptcy relief under the federal bankruptcy code.